main image Yoshimura YZF-R6 Y-Series Slip-On Muffler
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Yoshimura YZF-R6 Y-Series Slip-On Muffler

SKU #BN6-E47A0-V0-00
The Yoshimura Y-Series Slip-On Muffler was developed exclusively for the Yamaha YZF-R6 and offers track-tested performance and emissions compliance*. This stainless steel canister with "WORKS" finish features a trapezoidal design and carbon fiber end cap.
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  • Exclusive R6 badge

  • Sleek, clean design that enhances the lines of the bike

  • Weight saving design and improved performance

  • Aggressive sound and 50-state legal

  • EPA compliant


*All claims to emissions compliance are made and supported by Yoshimura R&D testing and documentation.

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