main image YXZ1000R/SS 2nd Battery- B5H
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YXZ1000R/SS 2nd Battery- B5H

SKU #B5H-H21B0-V0-00
The integrated 2nd Battery Kit enables the use of two batteries, saving the main battery for essential functions like starting.
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If both batteries need charging, the main battery is charged first. Kit mounts underneath the hood, making for a simpler electrical access point for an improved accessory installation. Use with 12 V accessories such as winches, lights, stereos, and more.

  • Waterproof design
  • Includes cut-to-length wiring and connectors
  • Easy to install

Note: Kit does not include the actual battery #11U-1LD00-00-00, sold separately. Please contact your local Yamaha dealer.

  • YXZ1000R (2019-2023)
  • YXZ1000R SS (2019-2023)