main image Yamalube Multipurpose & Generator Tune-Up Kit
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Yamalube Multipurpose & Generator Tune-Up Kit

SKU #LUB-MZ360-KT-00
This tune-up Kit services a MZ360 multipurpose engine or any of the inverters that use that platform for power. The 3-piece air filter will replace an original foam air filter or a pleated paper element. This kit includes Yamalube engine oil, Yamalube specialty additives, the specific Yamaha Genuine Parts needed for replacement, and a handy Yamalube disposable funnel. Everything you need in one convenient kit.



  • Yamalube 10W-30 Performance All Purpose Engine Oil (37 oz.)
  • Fuel Med RX
  • Spark Plug
  • Drain Screw Washer
  • Air Filter
  • Foam Pre-Filter
  • Airbox Seal
  • Yamalube Disposable Funnel


  • MZ360 (Multipurpose Engine)
  • EF4000DE/D (Generator)
  • EF4500iSE (Inverter Generator)
  • EF5200DE/D (Generator)
  • EF5500DE/D (Generator)
  • EF6300iSDE (Inverter Generator)
  • EF6600DE/D (Generator)
  • EF7200DE/D (Generator)