main image Yamalube 0W-30 Semi-Synthetic for Snowmobiles
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Yamalube 0W-30 Semi-Synthetic for Snowmobiles

SKU #LUB-00W30-SS-12
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Designed from synthetic and mineral base stocks to provide the best extreme cold-weather performance possible for all Yamaha Snowmobiles. Gives extra protection during the critical cold-start period where a large part of an engine’s wear could occur. It also allows faster starting than any conventional 5W or 0W grade oil could provide. The additive package is not found in common motor oils. Yamalube 0W-30 provides optimum low-temperature pumpability down to -40° F (-40° C). This oil has passed rigorous testing—in fact, it’s so good that even our factory engineers now recommend it for Yamaha snowmobile models that specify 5W-30. Expect the same legendary Yamalube protection on the trail or lake, with even better protection during start-up in extreme cold.


Note: Price per bottle displayed. One quart bottle sold in case pack of 12.