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Yamaha QuickStart Remote Start Kit

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This convenient Yamaha QuickStart Remote Start Kit allows you to start and stop your Yamaha generator remotely.

  • Starting is fully automatic using the wireless remote start/stop switch on the easy-to-carry key fob transmitter
  • Start Kit automatically activates the choke when needed, so you can even start a cold generator with ease
  • Panel-mounted key switch can still be used to start the generator when desired
  • Internal antenna is perfect for operation up to 75 feet away, for longer range use, up to 300 feet unobstructed, order the Optional External Antenna, sold separately
  • QuickStart Remote Start Kit connects into a connector already in place on the generator's wiring harness and mounts securely inside the generator using an existing mounting bolt.

ACC-GNRST-30-10, Optional External Antenna
Generator - EF3000iSE; EF3000iSEB

ACC-GNRST-50-00, QuickStart Remote Start Kit
Generator - EF3000iSE; EF3000iSEB

ACC-GNRST-30-20, Replacement Key Fob Transmitter
Generator - EF3000iSE; EF3000iSEB

7XF-Y8600-00-00, QuickStart Remote Start Kit
Generator - EF4500iSE; EF6300iSDE

Adds convenience of starting and stopping the generator from up to 66 feet away. Quick and easy, plug-and-play installation. No special tools or wire splicing required. Meets FCC requirements.


7XF-86261-00-00, Replacement Key Fob Transmitter

Generator - EF4500iSE; EF6300iSDE


WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

  • GENERATOR- EF5500D/DE (0)
  • GENERATOR- EF7200D/DE (0)
  • GENERATOR- EF12000DE (0)
  • GENERATOR- EF4000D/DE (0)
  • GENERATOR- EF5200D/DE (0)
  • GENERATOR- EF6600D/DE (0)
  • GENERATOR- EF4500iSE (0)
  • GENERATOR- EF6300iSDE (0)
  • GENERATOR- EF4500iSE (0)
  • GENERATOR- EF6300iSDE (0)
  • GENERATOR- EF3000iSE (0)
  • GENERATOR- EF3000iSEB (0)
  • GENERATOR- EF3000iSE (0)
  • GENERATOR- EF3000iSEB (0)