main image Wolverine 2nd Battery
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Wolverine 2nd Battery

SKU #BG4-H21B0-V0-00
This 2nd Battery Kit enables the use of two batteries, saving the main battery for essential functions like starting. If both batteries need charging, the main battery is charged first. Kit mounts underneath the driver seat, making for a simpler electrical access point for all electrical connections.
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  • Includes cut-to-length wiring and mounting brackets
  • No loss of cargo space as it mounts underneath the driver seat
  • This “Must Have” accessory is a hand-picked, essential starting point when building your ultimate Wolverine.
  • Battery not included. GS® U1L-11 battery or equivalent recommended, sold separately. Please contact your local Yamaha dealer.

Can be installed in conjunction with the Cab Heater Kit #B4J-K75L0-V0-00 and Powered Subwoofer by SSV Works #B8K-H81D0-V0-00, both sold separately.

  • WOLVERINE RMAX2 (2021-2024)
  • WOLVERINE RMAX4 (2021-2024)
  • WOLVERINE X2 (2019-2024)
  • WOLVERINE X4 (2018-2024)