main image Viking Gun Boot Mount
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Viking Gun Boot Mount

SKU #1XD-K750B-V0-00
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Our Gun Boot Mount provides secure transport of one or two Gun Boots. It can be configured with up to three Gun Boot Mounts to carry a total of six gun boots. The design allows you to remove the end portion of the gun boot without removing the entire boot from the mount. Other features include easy access to firearm, adjustable levers to provide quick, tool-less attachment to the bed rail system, three mounting positions, and black wrinkle powder-coat finish designed to match the Viking.

Note: Requires the Bed Rail Accessory Mounts for installation, sold separately (factory installed on certain Viking models).

Also required for installation
Viking Bed Rail Accessory Mounts
Viking Bed Rail Accessory Mounts
  • VIKING (2014-2023)
  • VIKING VI (2015-2023)