main image KMC XD Addict 2 Non-Beadlock/30" EFX® MotoHammer Kit
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KMC XD Addict 2 Non-Beadlock/30" EFX® MotoHammer Kit

SKU #VDF-14SXS-95-40
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The KMC XD Series Addict 2 Non-BL wheel with matching EFX MotoHammer tires not only enhance the look of your Yamaha Side-by-Side but provide exceptional hard terrain traction and performance too.


The MotoHammer tire is the single best hard pack tire on the market, boasting the largest contact patches, superior traction control, rugged 8-ply carcass and radial performance. Engineered with a shoulder tooth lug, the MotoHammer’s high speed rating and radial technology keeps you centered up and in control to punch the straightaways while the 8-ply carcass and completely re-engineered soft compound conform to the terrain.

  • Complete set of 4 wheels and tires
  • Mounted and ready to install
  • Includes correct Side-by-Side lug nuts and center caps

Individual wheels and tires are available separately. Refer to Recommended Products.

  • YXZ1000R (2019-2022)
  • YXZ1000R SS (2019-2022)