main image Inner Fender Eliminator Kit
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Inner Fender Eliminator Kit

SKU #1TP-F16E0-V0-00
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We offer our Fender Eliminator Kit to help you achieve that bobber minimalist look you desire. Our solution eliminates the rear plastic inner fender, relocates the license plate while bringing it closer to the rear fender, and relocates the rear turn signals. The final result is a lightweight, clean, and uncluttered rear fender look.

Other features include:

  • Powder-coated metal construction
  • High-strength design with a durable finish
  • Turn signals relocate without cutting and splicing wires
  • Meets all DOT and FMVSS requirements
  • Allows for Rigid Mount Leather Saddlebag installation
Also required for installation
Rigid-Mount Leather Saddlebags
Rigid-Mount Leather Saddlebags
  • BOLT (2014-2021)
  • BOLT C-SPEC (2015-2016)
  • BOLT R-SPEC (2022-2023)