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EFX MotoVator Tire

Specifically developed for the harsh terrain of today’s UTV race team, the MotoVator is loaded with cutting edge engineering, improved safety and top notch performance. The MotoVator is a true radial, steel belted, puncture resistant tire, capable of high speeds on any hard pack surface. Utilizing light truck engineering, the inner and outer bead are steel belted to ensure the smoothest, quietest ride quality on the market.
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The unique center tread pattern provides a huge contact patch to ensure when you mash your pedal, your machine responds. The elongated shoulder tread improves high and low speed cornering with reduced rolling resistance. Tires are evolving, the MotoVator is the finest UTV tire you can get for your money, hands down.

Tires each sold individually.

Note: GYTR Torque Assist Gear Kit required when this tire is used on 2016-2018 YXZ1000R or YXZ1000R SS models.


Front & Rear, 8-Ply Steel
Size: 30x9.5-14R
Weight: 45.2 lbs
O.D.: 30"
Lug: .75"
Load Index: 1250 lbs
PSI: 15
Rim: 14"
Speed: 88G
Terrain: Hardpack, A/T

Also required for installation
GYTR SS Torque Assist Gear Kit
GYTR SS Torque Assist Gear Kit
  • YXZ1000R (2016-2022)
  • YXZ1000R SS (2017-2022)