main image 2.5 Gallon Gravity Feed Tank
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2.5 Gallon Gravity Feed Tank

SKU #GCA-JW286-00-23
The BFS by Battery Watering Technologies help extend the life of your batteries by performing routine maintenance with ease. Low water level in lead acid batteries is the primary cause of short battery life. Maximize battery life by using a battery watering system.


A collaboration with BFS.

Using a watering system will save time by filling all the batteries simultaneously, provide a safer environment by reducing operators’ exposure to battery acid, and improve battery life and performance. Each kit includes tubing, quick connect and valves.


  • Water trap keeps gas from moving from cell to cell

  • Double chamber keeps gas and water separate

  • Drying chamber controls electrolytes from escaping gas

  • Electrolyte level indicators help determine when each cell has been properly watered

  • Spark arrestor will not allow external sparks to ignite internal gases

  • Lever operated shutoff valve will not allow the cell to overfill

Note: Must use with either Water Gun #GCA-JW286-00-22 or 2.5 Gallon Feed Tank #GCA-JW286-00-23