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BCA Link Group Communication System

SKU #ACC-RL100-00-00
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The BCA Link™ Group Communication System is designed to improve real-time communication in harsh winter conditions and features:

  • Ability to communicate plans, share observations, and find separated riders
  • Consolidated intelligent user interface is located at your fingertips (push-to-talk button, on/ off switch, volume control, battery indicator, channel selection, and earphone jack are all located on the Smart Mic unit)
  • System includes radio base unit connected to Smart Mic
  • Smart Mic unit clips securely to shoulder or sternum strap
  • Glove-friendly controls are optimized for easy handling
  • 38 FRS and GMRS channels + 83 sub-channels ensures minimal interference
  • Secure cord connection between Smart Mic and base unit
  • Base unit can be clipped to belt or stashed inside backpack
  • Rechargeable 3.7- Volt lithium ion battery provides long battery life
  • Radio includes option for pre-set channel selections
  • Compatible with all standard FRS/GMRS radios
  • 110-Volt charger adaptor connects to mini USB port on base unit
  • Placement inside pack insulates battery from cold