Dr. Glen House and his NAVIONE® Wheels Conquer Pikes Peak Challenge

Dr. Glen House is a practicing physician, athlete, inventor, and a quadriplegic. After a skiing accident in college left him with a C7 injury, Glen’s quest for becoming a doctor and helping others did not stop. Dr. House was the first  wheelchair rider to graduate from the University of Washington Medical School with training and residency at highly regarded institutions; including Baylor College of Medicine and Kessler Institute. He took his passion further with expanded expertise in spinal cord and brain injuries. Now Dr. House enjoys his active and healthy life in Colorado, speaking, researching, and continuing to practice rehabilitation medicine to serve his community.

Pike Peak Challengev3.jpg

Recently, Dr. House put his Yamaha NAVIONE wheelchair system to an extreme test by competing in the Pikes Peak Challenge, a competition to benefit the Brain Injury Alliance. Dr. House amazingly climbed the 13-mile course, reaching the peak in just under 6 hours!  Congratulations go out to Dr. House and his tremendous determination.

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