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YZ85 Big Wheel Components

Ready to step up from your YZ85, but not quite ready for the YZ125 class? Then the Super Mini Class is just what you need! Convert your existing 2019 YZ85 into a Big Wheel 85cc (Non-Competition) or Super Mini, starting with the necessary OE parts.


The four easily installed OE components are the first steps towards getting your YZ85 ready to accept a 19x1.60 front wheel and 16x1.85 rear wheel of your choice. Once the parts and wheels are in place, you can have your local suspension guru set up your bike to maximize the performance benefits from the new components.

And last, but not least, have your engine builder turn your YZ85 into a fire breathing YZ105 or YZ112 Super Mini and you’re ready for an attack on the competition!

Required Components:

  • Swing Arm #B0G-22110-00-00
  • Rear Brake Hose #B0G-25873-00-00
  • Swingarm Pivot Bearing Kit #1SN-W002C-00-00; see required products
  • GYTR 136L Gold Chain #GYT-0SS56-31-93; see required products
Also required for installation
GYTR 428 GMX Non-Sealed Chain

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