Yamaha WaterCraft Sees Surge in Consumer Interest After New Product Announcement

With 1.7 million page views since the new product information went live, Watercraft's Wave Runner website has seen a 20 percent increase in traffic from this time last year. 312,000 unique visitors have gone to the site, including double the number of new visitors from the same time period in 2019.

WaterCraft’s boat website saw an even bigger jump with 1.4 million page views, 40 percent more than the same time last summer. “The media coverage and Buzz surrounding the 2021 WaterCraft launch has already created a frenzy of interest in the products with potential customers,” said Andrew Cullen, Senior Digital Marketing and Communications Manager, Yamaha WaterCraft Group. “All indications point to a very strong consumer demand for the new products.”

Be sure to check out Yamaha WaterCraft’s Boat and WaveRunner websites for yourself to see the exciting new products heading to dealerships this fall.